Puerto Rico's Philanthropic Investment Tool

We envision a philanthropic ecosystem capable of tackling the critical challenges and opportunities of our time.

Grantmakers need data to more effectively target resources and to maximize their impact on Puerto Rico's short and long term prosperity.

We have created this tool to better understand the funding landscape and to help funders understand how philanthropic resources are being awarded in Puerto Rico and what gaps may exist that can inform evolving strategies. By building a tool to help the field report on funding strategies, the philanthropic sector can more accurately target resources and support both long and short term strategies to build prosperity for Puerto Rico.

Key resources this tool provides:

  • Get insights, see patterns and discover overall funding trends
  • Get yearly investment data by area of focus
  • Funders’ interests and priorities which allow us to complete the funding picture to better educate decision making
  • Have a stronger voice on the impact the sector has in the social development of Puerto Rico

Filantropía Puerto Rico is asking funders to report their yearly philanthropic investments, results will be shown by January 2022. To elevate your work as it relates to the larger field, consider submitting your grants data. The picture of who is funding what and where, isn't complete without YOU!